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Hurricane Harvey Recovery

Thank you guys SO much for following us along with our Hurricane Harvey Recovery Efforts.

As many of you know, 154 homes in my neighborhood flooded. We were so so lucky to not have flooded so we just want to help our neighbors as much as we can & show them God's live in a dark time.

I have been posting needs for volunteers and for products in our neighborhood for mucking & clean up. Every time I post a need, there is someone at my door, texting me, or driving around looking for materials!

It was brought to my attention something that is not making lists that donation centers need, and that is hair care products for women of color!

You may not know, but women of color use different products than white women do. I have had a very small taste of that with Nate's hair, but obviously boys never need as many products as girls!

So I love that this was brought to my attention as hair is my LOVE LANGUAGE (just ask my husband). I am all about getting my hair done every six weeks, buying super particular products, washing and not washing on certain days, it's like a whole thing.

So if we can help with providing products that can be helpful for others, I am all about that! Us women have to stick together!

So here are some products that have been suggested:

Cantu Products: This is a great line for natural hair.

Other Oil Products that are great as well: Coconut Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Jamaican Black Castor Oil & Peppermint Oil.

This is the cream conditioner we use for Nathaniel that we really like that smells really good and keeps his hair very hydrated:

This is by no means a comprehensive list! If you have other products you like, please comment below so we can all see!!

Thank so much for loving on our neighbors. It has been an honor to get to play a very, very small part this week and see how much love and compassion there is going around.


Holly Nicole James

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