Adoption Adventure Travel Guide Launch Party

October 27, 2017

On Friday, October 20th we kicked off Adoption Adventure Travel Guide with a Backyard Launch Party - turned indoor launch party!



Y'all, it is was dreams are made of.


I wrote Adoption Adventure Travel Guide as a resource for families considering adoption for their family. After we adopted Nate, families wanted to know what the adoption process was really like. Where should they start? What were their options? Could they really do this adoption thing too?


So I started putting some notes together. And it turned into a book. A book of stories from our adoption, our timeline, my inner thoughts and feelings going through the process. It also shares the different venues of adoption, the requirements of each, and a detailed look into the legal process.


So when the book actually became a reality and we started talking how to launch it - of course you think a traditional book launch!


But I didn't want just a book launch. I didn't want to just celebrate the fact I wrote a book. I wanted to do just what I set out to do with the book in first place - I wanted to help families say "Yes!" to making adoption a reality for their family.


So I hatched this crazy idea that I would get adoption agencies to come out for families to talk to about their services. I wanted families to actually be able to take first steps in their adoption. I had no idea if anyone would even want to participate but it would be so great to have that resource there. And then agencies really did start signing up. And people started calling their agencies and asking them to come because they knew how valuable it was to meet your agency face-to-face.


I also wanted it to be a night to give back to those who gave to us. Child Advocates was so instrumental in our adoption. And they run mostly on volunteers. So I wanted to raise money for our local Child Advocates of Fort Bend so that they could continue to provide their services to make sure that children in CPS had their best interest looked after.


The night exceeded all of expectations in the most beautiful and wonderful ways. We had 90-100 people come out. Friends. Family. Adoptive Families. Prospective adoptive families. Professionals.