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"In the midst of foster care crisis, TDFPS asks faith communities to respond."

Buckner International shared this article on the foster care crisis in Texas and how it is so bad that the state is actually reaching out to faith-based people and organizations to step in and to help.

You know when the state is calling on the faith-based communities to help solve a problem, and recognize that we as believers have a higher calling from God - then it MUST be true and it must be urgent.

Here are practical ways that you can be involved:

• Support families by becoming a respite or substitute care provider (Oh how we needed this when Nathaniel was still classified as a foster child!!!)

• Provide meals or clothes <------ WE ALL CAN DO THIS!

• Become a CASA volunteer

• Churches can also help by hosting information meetings and encouraging corporate prayer.

You do not have to adopt a child to help those in need. Please read the rest of the article and pray how you can become involved!! You are needed desperately! I am also in the process of finding some specific, local opportunities and will update soon!

(As always - we are so honored that Buckner would choose to use our family photo to promote their services. We adopted through Buckner and have only amazing & beautiful things to say about them.)


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