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How do you think about your child's behavior?

I saw this amazing picture posted from Humans of Foster Care that just really got me to thinking:

How often do we think of our children misbehaving instead of needing help? I am sure if we were all really honest with ourselves, which we totally can't be on social media..... then this is probably happened to us all at one time or another!

So today, my encouragement to you is give yourself and your children grace today. Maybe they just need a little hug. Or a word of affirmation. Don't give up mommas! As Scarlett always said, "After all, tomorrow is another day!"


Holly Nicole James

About Holly Nicole James

Adoption advocate, Holly Nicole James, is a momma to two fun, energetic boys, wife to her always supportive husband, Jeremy, and author of Adoption Adventure Travel Guide. She has been featured in Buckner International’s quarterly magazine as well as a guest blogger, and her story has been shared on World Adoption Day and Stand for Life.

When Holly is not working as a marketing specialist or being a boy-mom to her two little boys, You can find her sharing more of her story of adoption and a glimpse into the everyday life of what adoption and motherhood can really look like on her website

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Meet Holly Nicole James

I'm a workin', southern momma who loves stilettos and I have a major case of wonderlust. I'm a boy mom and I love every second of it. My heart is for kids who don't have a home ♥ 

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