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Advocating for Adoption

When we first started the road to adoption with Nate, I never ever thought I would be an adoption advocate. Heck, I didn't even think I was going to be adopting through CPS - so how's that for an advocate?!

But after we had Nate placed in our home, we had families that started to ask questions about the process, about our family, and slowly thinking that maybe they could go down that road too.

We started having families over for dinner to just talk about our experience and answer questions.

The more I talked about our adoption and how, hind sight, God had put each piece of our puzzle together perfectly in his timing, the more God began to grow in me the desire to share more and more.

That's when Jeremy encouraged me to start my blog & website. I literally still remember asking him, "Do you think that anyone would even care what I have to say."

And this is what he told me:

"If you reach even one heart, then you have done something amazing."

I still have chills just thinking about that - and it has been my measuring stick ever since.

My first post was in March of last year. I had no idea what to expect. And very little idea of what I was doing or my purpose. I just knew I wanted to share more about the details of adoption and be a resource for those wanting to adopt.

Here we are and I have had over 1,700 people follow me on Facebook, over 2,200 on Instagram and I have had over 4,900 page views. And this week alone, I have had 4 different families ask me where they should start in the adoption process.

And that is when I realized, if I had not already defined it, what my goals for sharing out story are:

1) I want to show you what adoption looks like day-to-day.

2) I want to bring awareness to adoption issues going on today with the intentions of getting more people involved.

3) I want to be a resource for you and your family if you are wanting to pursue adoption.

4) I want to foster a community of adoption families and those who support us to share God's love.

Thanks for always following us and sharing our story with your friends! We love you more than you know!


Holly Nicole James

About Holly Nicole James

Adoption advocate, Holly Nicole James, is a momma to two fun, energetic boys, wife to her always supportive husband, Jeremy, and author of Adoption Adventure Travel Guide. She has been featured in Buckner International’s quarterly magazine as well as a guest blogger, and her story has been shared on World Adoption Day and Stand for Life.

When Holly is not working as a marketing specialist or being a boy-mom to her two little boys, You can find her sharing more of her story of adoption and a glimpse into the everyday life of what adoption and motherhood can really look like on her website

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Meet Holly Nicole James

I'm a workin', southern momma who loves stilettos and I have a major case of wonderlust. I'm a boy mom and I love every second of it. My heart is for kids who don't have a home ♥ 

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