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April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month

Did you know that April spotlights the amount of Child Abuse and how to prevent it from happening?

Before we got into adoption with CPS, I shocking had NO IDEA the extent that goes on everyday.

So during Child Abuse Prevention Month, we want to learn what we can do to support kids across the country — and around the corner.

If you are looking for places to give to that aid in prevention locally, here are some great resources:

  • Child Advocates of Fort Bend (

  • Prevent Child Abuse America (

  • Attack Poverty Richmond (

  • TexProtects - Champions for Safe Children (

Also, to promoting healthy childhood development and preventing child abuse and neglect? Show the world that you care about helping #GreatChildhoods happen in your community during Child Abuse Prevention Month by joining Prevent Child Abuse America's twibbon campaign! Add this pinwheel badge to your profile and help spread the word that prevention is possible!


Holly Nicole James

About Holly Nicole James

Adoption advocate, Holly Nicole James, is a momma to two fun, energetic boys, wife to her always supportive husband, Jeremy, and author of Adoption Adventure Travel Guide. She has been featured in Buckner International’s quarterly magazine as well as a guest blogger, and her story has been shared on World Adoption Day and Stand for Life.

When Holly is not working as a marketing specialist or being a boy-mom to her two little boys, You can find her sharing more of her story of adoption and a glimpse into the everyday life of what adoption and motherhood can really look like on her website

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Meet Holly Nicole James

I'm a workin', southern momma who loves stilettos and I have a major case of wonderlust. I'm a boy mom and I love every second of it. My heart is for kids who don't have a home ♥ 

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