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Happy Blogiversary

2 years! Can you believe it? I started blogging 2 years ago because so many people had asked about our adoption story and wanted to know more. I didn't even know if anyone would really want to read what I had to say - I mean adoption is a pretty niche topic.

And 2 years later, I have met so many foster and adoptive families through sharing. I have met so many families wanting to walk the road of adoption. It has been my biggest blessing and honor to walk through this with you.

I started blogging about our family for a few reasons:

I want to share with you my experience in domestic, CPS adoption. CPS has a bad rap and can be a scary place to navigate. Not to mention there aren't a whole lot of people going that route. So I wanted to share how to go about domestic adoption through an adoptive momma's perspective.

I want to encourage myself and others to learn more about the state of our system and orphanages world-wide. I hope this awareness encourages you to become more aware, give your time, and even consider adoption for your family!

I could have never guessed 2 years ago my little "hobby" would have joined me with so many, would have given me my passion, and even turned into a book. To those who have prayed with us, walked with us, encouraged us and just plain loved us - thank you.

Can't wait to see what this year holds!

{Here are some more pics of my cutie little boys being so sweet and celebrating my blog with me! I mean, how sweet of them to go along with all of my crazy ideas, and photoshoots! Haha}


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