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March for Life & Adoption

Is it okay if I’m a little raw with you here today? I love sharing our story and rarely do I feel like I soap box. But today is the March for Life in Washington DC. It has all the special places in my heart and I wish I was there today marching peacefully in solidarity.

If Nate’s birth-Mom didn’t value life, I wouldn’t get to be his mom. And let me tell you - he is a firecracker and is going to change this world!! The biggest cry against Pro-Life is that people who vote Pro-Life don’t want to help women or help families. And I so agree. But I am not those people. I am Pro-Life. Pro-Women. And Pro-Adoption. And if you’re wondering why this pic has a cute adoption symbol over Nate’s face - this is when we were legally “just” foster parents and we couldn’t share his sweet face on social media. Can you pray today for women who are pregnant right now and don’t know what to do? Can you pray for the single mom who has kids and doesn’t know how to make ends meet and be with her children? Can you pray for the kids who have been taken into CPS custody and they don’t have forever families? Can you pray how you can be part of the solution?? Much love from a momma of two boys xoxo

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I'm a workin', southern momma who loves stilettos and I have a major case of wonderlust. I'm a boy mom and I love every second of it. My heart is for kids who don't have a home ♥ 

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