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Shoes for AFOs

Any other parents out there so frustrated with finding shoes for AFOs? Finding ones that fit over an AFO is difficult, limited, and pretty much horrible. Finding ones that aren't hideous to boot. Impossible.

I have tried everything. Any suggestion people have given I tried. 2 different shoe sizes. Taking the insole out. Finding shoes that are stretchy. I was so desperate I even turned to the therapy shoes you buy from your orthopedic doctor.

If your children do have AFOs, I am sure you have bought these at lease once:

Not only are they expensive and generic, I have found that they are clunky and make it even harder for Nathaniel to walk in.

Well, the happiest accident in the world happened and I thought I would share it with you if you are having the same problem as me!

I found shoes at the most unlikely place. Walmart. They are under $15 and pretty dang cute. Sign. Me. Up.

These cute little And1 shoes come in multiple colors and are easy to put on. We do have to add an extender piece to the last velcro piece, but they go over the AFO fairly easily. These come in infant, toddler and youth sizes.

And the Paw Patrol shoes are actually my favorite. They are sturdy, but not too bulky. They fit over the AFO nicely. They are neutral and match a lot of outfits. And they light up, making them a go to favorite for Nate.

I hope this helps in your AFO shoe endeavor! Have you found any other shoes that work with AFOs that you like? I would love to hear about them! I am always on the look out for a good shoe!


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